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SELT offers different tours to meet the needs of of different students. We can help you evaluate the needs of yourself, your family, your student, or your company. Each one of these groups has a different set of language learning needs, and SELT has the programs to meet those needs.

Factory tours can improve worker safety, less time off and more consistent productivity. This means more profit.

Family tours are a vacation with a purpose.

Summer programs make sure that your student doesn't stop learning just because he is out of formal school.


“My daughter came home enthusiastic about learning after going on a tour. Her English skills were much improved and her expectations for her future were much brighter. Xiulan is excited about returning for the next level in her education.
I recommend using tours to get the student introduced to a different learning style that is focused on problem-solving, and not merely rote learning.”

Peng Jinyu , Father

Powerful Tours

Factory Tours (coming in 2015)

How do you improve a factory? The first place that all experts tell you to look is at your employees. Employee productivity is a combination of a well-designed factory process and employees that are empowered to work smarter and faster. That generally also means safer. The safer they feel, the easier they can increase their output.

The factory process includes flow design, safety, materials staging, and physical conditions (light, heat, air flow, etc.).

SELT Factory tours contain elements of all of these factors, as well as visits to locations of industry leaders such as Toyota and Hobart.

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Family Tours

What better way to immerse yourself in a country's language and culture than by experiencing life in that country? You don't just observe life in another country but actually live it just as a native does.

There's a whole world of people out there, with different languages, foods, traditions; why not get to know some of them this summer? It'll be the most rewarding summer you've ever had.

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Summer Programs

Don't let your teenager's summer waste away with video games and unproductive down time. Sending your child to SELT adventure will not only give them a chance to experience all the outdoors has to offer, but will also make them productive year round.

Every one of our programs is designed to stimulate and challenge every person and make them a better student and child. If you are searching for a summer program that will empower your child and maximize their potential, SELT adventures is the place. Call us today!

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